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n.1.(Geom. of Three Dimensions) A certain conic section supposed to be drawn in the tangent plane to any surface, and used to determine the accidents of curvature of the surface at the point of contact. The curve is similar to the intersection of the surface with a parallel to the tangent plane and indefinitely near it. It is an ellipse when the curvature is synclastic, and an hyperbola when the curvature is anticlastic.
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This enables one to explain that the nonlinear effects in the polarizability are linked with a "nonspherical optical indicatrix surface on microstructures distribution of the crystalline phase" [3].
A generalization of the Clausius-Mosotti [1] expression for dense polymeric media, taken as similar to high density solution with nonspherical optical indicatrix representation [3] due to the effect of its environment polarization, is given by