Opus Dei

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O·pus De·i

 (ō′pəs dā′ē, dā′)
A Roman Catholic organization founded in 1928, composed of both clergy and lay members and dedicated to fostering Christian principles at all levels of society.

[New Latin Opus Deī, work of God : Latin opus, work + Latin Deī, genitive of Deus, God.]

Opus Dei

(ˈəʊpəs ˈdeɪɪ)
1. (Roman Catholic Church) another name for divine office
2. (Roman Catholic Church) an international Roman Catholic organization of lay people and priests founded in Spain in 1928 by Josemaria Escrivá de Balaguer (1902–75), with the aim of spreading Christian principles
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Resumen: El articulo aspira a mostrar el lugar que la homilia de san Josemaria en la Universidad de Navarra, en 1967, ocupa cronologica e idealmente en el conjunto de los escritos del fundador del Opus Dei.
16, 1936, Navarro-Valls joined Opus Dei after meeting St.
Fernando Ocariz is the new prelate of Opus Dei (OD), succeeding Bishop Javier Echeverria who died Dec.
Young university students and fresh university graduates--in good numbers--took up the challenge and answered the call to live by the message of Opus Dei and to spread it.
El nombramiento por el Prelado del Opus Dei de un Vicario auxiliar.
Estas menciones sobre la posible influencia del Opus Dei en el mundo de la politica y del cine me llevan a ir mas alla de estas puntualizaciones a esta monografia.
Bishop -- now Blessed -- Alvaro was a humble and holy priest, who served the Catholic Church and Opus Dei with great dedication.
There are definitely shades of Opus Dei about this whole look wouldn't you say?
Saxum, the Latin word for rock, is a nick name of sorts given to the prayer "the Memorare" and to a man, Bishop Alvaro del Portillo, who lived his life heroically and was the rock of Opus Dei.
This article examines the education of women within the Opus Dei by focusing on the educational model used within the Montefalco (1) School for Women.
But now Madonna has apparently ditched the controversial faith, dramatically taking up with Opus Dei - the secretive Catholic sect made famous in The Da Vinci Code.