n.1.A small or petty work.
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Centre de Recerca en economia internacional, Generalitat de Catalunya y Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Els Opuscle del CREI, num.
Tenders are invited for the purpose of the contract is the services of dimming, layout and, if any, design of posters, leaflets, leaflets, quadrilams, opuscles and other similar material.
On March 12th, 1888 Leopoldo Alas, himself a radical Republican, wrote to Menendez Pelayo as follows: "Me gustaron mucho tambien las cartas y opusculos de Shelley, alla en mis verdes anos" ('I also really liked Shelley's letters and opuscles, back in my early years' [Alas ed.
FC: Nouvelles lettres et opuscles inedits de Leibniz, ed.