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n.1.An opuscule.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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El protagonismo del Espiritu Santo en la accion humana de Cristo y del cristiano, Siena: Cantagalli, 2012, 224-229, explica que [Texto irreproducible.] suele significar union fisico-natural, pero el Opusculum 6 la entiende como acuerdo intencional; Granados considera que [Texto irreproducible.] se diferencia de [Texto irreproducible.] porque la primera expresa la plasmacion interna del querer humano de Jesus, mientras que la segunda manifiesta la accion en la que se manifiesta ese querer humano.
Johann Frosch, Rerum musicarum opusculum rarum ac insigne.
Opusculum building, spatial pattern arrangement and mutual connections among open spaces of the buildings are mainly taken into account in the design for small towns.
As it is possible to conclude from the preserved sources--among which are the books used in the school, such as the Verbiginale, about verbal morphology and prosody; the Opusculum Servioli, prosody manual; de Palencine Ars Dictandi, which contained letter models, and a prosody summary -, among all cathedrae, Grammar, with a great French and Catalan influence, was the outstanding one.
Valverde Abril; "Thomas Lansius' Consultatio de principatu inter provincias Europae im fruhneuzeitlichen Sprach- und Stilunterricht," by Kristi Viiding; "Tempus fugit--versiones manent: D F G Project Saarbrucker Ubersetzungsbibliographie--Latein," by Anne Weber; and " Quinquaginta Rationes--Fifty Reasons: From an Opusculum polemicum Tyrnaviense to a Standard Catholic Book in America," by Svorad Zavarsky The volume closes with an index of names.
Opusculum de mirabilibus novae et veteris urbis Romae.