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A city of northwest Romania near the Hungarian border. It was destroyed by the Tatars in 1241 and held by the Turks from 1660 to 1692. Hungary ceded it to Romania in 1919 and again after World War II.


(Romanian oˈradea)
(Placename) an industrial city in NW Romania, in Transylvania: ceded by Hungary (1919). Pop: 182 000 (2005 est). German name: Grosswardein Hungarian name: Nagyvárad


(ɔˈrɑ dyɑ)

a city in NW Romania. 225,000. Hungarian, Nagyvárad.
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The Stable Outlook reflects Fitch's view that Oradea will comply with its statutory debt servicing limits and that debt metrics will remain in line with the rating in the medium term.
ORADEA, ROMANIA -- Celestica has expanded its operations here to increase manufacturing services for customers in Eastern Europe.
Before graduating from the University of Oradea Romania, Budai had already started his career as lead bartender at The Lounge Champagne Bar Boutique in the same city.
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AdePlast operates three industrial platforms in Romania, in Ploiesti, Oradea and Roman.
After the teams from Oradea had obtained remarkable results during the 20's, even in the final stages of the Romanian championship and had promoted a series of valuable players in the national team (Francisc Ronnay, Stefan Strock, Iosif Bartha, Nicolae Honigsberg, Adalbert Strock, Geza Nagy-Csomag, Ladislau Csilag and Ferecz Szekely), football in Oradea went through a decaying period (Angelescu, Cristea, 2009).
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 30, 2012-Titan Machinery expands in Eastern Europe with new store in Oradea, Romania(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Build Center has supplied 20 safety helmets to Stockton-based Destiny Church, whose members are travelling to the village of Oradea in Romania at the end of the month to help construct starter houses for young married couples in the area.
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com) will invest up to $30 million to build a large manufacturing facility in a new industrial park in Oradea, Romania.
The massive Tiago mall in the Romanian border town of Oradea was built by two Irish developers with EUR65million worth of loans from an Austrian bank.
facility in Oradea, on the Hungary/Romania border, its first in the Eastern European nation.