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n. pl. mu·co·sae (-sē) or mu·co·sas

[From Latin mūcōsa, feminine of mūcōsus, mucous; see mucous.]

mu·co′sal adj.


n, pl -sae (-siː)
(Anatomy) another word for mucous membrane
[C19: New Latin, from Latin mūcōsus slimy]
muˈcosal adj

mu′cous mem′brane

a mucus-secreting membrane lining all bodily passages that are open to the air, as parts of the digestive and respiratory tracts.
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Noun1.mucosa - mucus-secreting membrane lining all body cavities or passages that communicate with the exteriormucosa - mucus-secreting membrane lining all body cavities or passages that communicate with the exterior
conjunctiva - a transparent lubricating mucous membrane that covers the eyeball and the under surface of the eyelid
tissue layer, membrane - a pliable sheet of tissue that covers or lines or connects the organs or cells of animals or plants
endometrium - (pregnancy) the mucous membrane that lines the uterus; thickens under hormonal control and (if pregnancy does not occur) is shed in menstruation; if pregnancy occurs it is shed along with the placenta at parturition
maidenhead, virginal membrane, hymen - a fold of tissue that partly covers the entrance to the vagina of a virgin


n mucosa
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Oncology formula is a first-to-market product that soothes and protects oral mucosa, provides temporary oral pain relief, relieves dry mouth and stops harmful bacteria from reproducing.
His arrangement is by symptom, among them red and white lesions, masses within the soft tissue of oral mucosa, radiolucent lesions, radiopaque lesions in soft tissue, pigmented lesions of mucosa and facial skin, and exposed bone pathologies.
Lichen planus is an autoimmune inflammatory disease which effects primarily skin, nails and mucous membranes such as oral mucosa.
Furthermore, it is used traditionally as an oral hygienic substance and to treat inflammation of oral mucosa and inflamed skin.
9, without visible changes of oral mucosa comprised the control group.
Some patients report a roughness of the lining of the mouth, sensitivity of the oral mucosa to hot or spicy foods, painful oral mucosa, red or white patches on the oral mucosa or oral ulcerations.
Frozen section of oral mucosa (March 31, 2016) showed granulomatous reaction [Figure 1].
Physical examination was notable for erythematous oral mucosa with desquamating lesions of the posterior pharyngeal wall that were temporarily responsive to steroid treatment.
Involvement of oral mucosa made easier to differentiate our case from disseminated superficial porokeratosis.
Because BHV-0223 is designed to be systemically absorbed through the oral mucosa, rather than through the gastrointestinal system, the company believes that it can eliminate the negative food effect associated with riluzole, bypass first-pass metabolism and deliver effective doses of the drug at lower concentrations, while also allowing sublingual absorption in patients who experience difficulty swallowing and eliminating the need for three hour fasting twice daily.
Even so, the logistics around getting fresh tissue to the laboratory, the short viability of the tissue ex vivo (48 h) and the extremely limited size of oral mucosa (gingiva) biopsies, which are also often infected with microorganisms, provide profound limitations to implementing these tissues directly as a research tool.
These patent pending syringes feature anti-drip technology, greatly reducing the risk of bleach stains, damage to skin, eyes and oral mucosa, and cost no more than a standard irrigating syringe