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The GOP headquarters in Orange County, North Carolina, was firebombed Sunday when a flammable bottle of liquid was thrown through the windows, Hillsborough (http://www.
A 2003 study put out by Orange County, North Carolina, which is near Shearon Harris, determined that "total evacuation [of the six-county region along the Interstate 40/85 corridor] would take 5.
For example, Orange County, North Carolina, has an ordinance that requires haulers operating in the county to demonstrate that they are recycling a minimum amount of C&D materials.
In 1977, Herbert Crabtree and Alene Holloway acquired 150 acres of rural, undivided land in Orange County, North Carolina from their father.
In Orange County, North Carolina, for instance, the Solid Waste Department installed wooden magazine racks at local waste sites so that people who bring in their trash get something in return.

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