Orange bird

(Zool.) a tanager of Jamaica (Tanagra zena); - so called from its bright orange breast.

See also: Orange

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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You can get xenophobia, existential dread and punishment of women from almost anywhere in the Republican field, but only one candidate delivers it from under an expensive orange bird's nest.
The gently swaying, multi-coloured sea of Ragged Robins, Yellow Hawkbit, Yellow and Orange Bird's Foot, Mallow, Melissa, glorious red Poppies and others set against the clear blue sky actually made a traffic jam a pleasant experience.
The adorable bright orange bird mother, Splotch, follows her perfect spotted egg down tree branches, down a giraffe's neck, under a kicking zebra in a meadow, towards a hungry crocodile in a pond, into an elephant's trunk, and finally up into the branches of the monkey tree where Madison Monkey and her friends catch it and return it carefully to Splotch.
Eugene bird illustrator Larry McQueen's rather clinically titled "Western Tanager on Big Leaf" is just what the title suggests, though the title fails to capture the sharp impact of the bright little yellow and orange bird against a sea of green foliage.
Dr.--broke down the insect shells to discover the vitamins and minerals lacking in the birds' diet in captivity and chemically recreated the elements." A brilliant orange bird flew across the path seemingly to illustrate.
Five different birds known as 'Pulcini' appear in this series, including a tall, green bird standing around 12" high and a round, orange bird with applied glass eyes that is around eight inches high.
Help!" It wasn't 60 seconds before a small, orange bird flitted past my window outside and landed on the swing-set in the back yard.
IF your sweetheart has a taste for the exotic you can't go wrong with sumptuous blue and orange bird of paradise flowers.
Butterfly necklace, pounds 9.50, Marks & Spencer; Butterfly earrings, pounds 8, Oasis; Orange bird pendant, pounds 1, Primark; Unicorn pendant, pounds 10, Oasis; Dragonfly hair slides, pounds 5, Accessorize; Blue/orange print smock dress, pounds 10, Primark.
"Does he do tricks or talk?" she asks an anxious cockatiel owner from Hawick, whose yellow and orange bird has been on the wing for a week now and shown no signs of coming home to roost.
Dave and his son Finny are nestrians - clumsy, kind-hearted animals that look a little like short-haired, big-billed orange birds. When they are denied permission to board by the gatekeeper, who says they're not on his list, they cleverly trick their way aboard, inadvertently helped by carnivorous, wolf-like grymps Hazel and her daughter Leah.