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n.1.(Chem.) An essential oil obtained by distillation from the flowers of the orange. It has a strong odor, and is used in perfumery, etc.
Neroli camphor
(Chem.) a white crystalline waxy substance, tasteless and odorless, obtained from neroli oil; - called also auradin.
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I enjoy a full-body orange flower oil and salt scrub and a manicure before sipping mint tea on a sun lounger outside with the crashing of the Atlantic surf in the background.
The rice powder and kaolin used in this scrub help remove impurities while honey and orange flower oil tone and balance for softer, smoother skin.
Neroli, also known as bitter orange flower oil, comes from orange blossom and has uplifting and restorative properties and helps improve the skin's micro-circulation," says Liz.