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chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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So he selected a fine, big pumpkin -- one with a lustrous, orange-red color -- and began carving it.
THE dairy was certainly worth looking at: it was a scene to sicken for with a sort of calenture in hot and dusty streets--such coolness, such purity, such fresh fragrance of new-pressed cheese, of firm butter, of wooden vessels perpetually bathed in pure water; such soft colouring of red earthenware and creamy surfaces, brown wood and polished tin, grey limestone and rich orange-red rust on the iron weights and hooks and hinges.
The northern hills were shrouded in darkness; the fires near Kensington glowed redly, and now and then an orange-red tongue of flame flashed up and vanished in the deep blue night.
Meanwhile Koreans leaned more towards orange-red, pink-yellow and brown.
Helenium Moerheim Beauty is a favourite for its rich orange-red flowers with warmbrown centres.
In autumn, the leaves turn orange and red, and the blossoms form orange-red fruit.
Christina's hair sat around her shoulders in classic Hollywood curls and she wore orange-red lipstick and diamond jewellery.
The sight became fascinating as the bright orange-red colour started to spread from Yangtze unto the Jialin River.
The lowest emitting level 4G5/2 has relatively strong emission in orange-red region of electromagnetic spectrum.
StemRed red palm oil is a clean-label, vitamin-rich oil which gives many different foods a natural golden-yellow to orange-red color.
with yellow blossom which is followed by flowers interspersed with orange-red fruit throughout the autumn.
Good choices for beds and borders include Narcissus 'Fortune'' and the fragrant 'Altruist'', with its rounded yellow petals and orange-red cup.