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A universal life force hypothesized by Wilhelm Reich, supposed to emanate from all organic material, that purportedly plays a role in physical and mental health.

[Probably org(anism) + -one.]


a substance postulated by Wilhelm Reich, who thought it was present everywhere and needed to be incorporated in people for sexual activity and mental health
[C20: from org(asm) + (horm)one]
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Equally expansive and bizarre is Paul Swenbeck's Dor and Oranur, an arrangement of six gray hexagonal plinths with a crazy variety of forms referring to tidal creatures or plants seen through a science-fiction filter, like a combination of branching coral and fireplug in acid yellow and international orange.
Two years after beginning his Oranur experiment--"Orgone Energy (OR) Versus Nuclear Energy (NR)"--he and his colleagues at the Orgone Institute's 200-acre compound in western Maine found themselves in the midst of an atmospheric crisis.
Oranur Weather Control will have to win over forces of Chemistry-evil killing planetary life.