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 (ôr′ə-tôr′ē-ən, ŏr′-)
n. Roman Catholic Church
A member of an Oratory.
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(Roman Catholic Church) a member of the religious congregation of the Oratory
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(ˌɔr əˈtɔr i ən, -ˈtoʊr-, ˌɒr-)
a member of an Oratory.
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When I was eight years old I was sent to the school of the Oratorians at Sorreze, and only left it to finish my studies in Paris.
"So I left Sorreze, after ten years of almost monastic discipline of the Oratorians; and, fresh from the quiet life of a remote provincial school, I was taken straight to the capital.
Modern discussion about female deacons has met with predictable ends ever since French Oratorian Fr.
Philip Neri, the founder of the Oratorian community that Newman joined after his conversion to Catholicism.
Joseph Vaz, an Oratorian priest of the 17th century who tried to rebuild the Church of Sri Lanka amid the persecution of the Calvinist Dutch, who had kicked out the Catholic Portuguese.
"For over 20 years Ex Cathedra has celebrated the summer solstice with Summer Vespers performed at dusk by candlelight, and we have explored the history of the Oratorian movement with programmes such as For the consolation and needs of many (September 95), Harmonic Spiritual eatre (October 96) and Oratorio Latino (January 97).
This use was inspired by an antiquarian passion among erudite circles, frequented by (among others) Francesco Borromini, the Oratorian Virgilio Spada, and Cardinal Virginio Orsini, who was linked to Montevirginio.
LINGFIELD: GAZETTE BET: 4.30 Oratorian. NAOMI MATTHEW: 1.45 Mottley Crewe, 2.15 Ostentation, 2.50 Bramshill Lass, 3.20 Look At Me Now, 3.55 Riflessione, 4.30 Pale Orchid, 5.00 Songbird Blues.
Connections' patience pays off Being gelded nearly cost Oratorian his life last summer, but the patience of owners Jane Challen and Tim Pearson have now been rewarded with back-to-back successes for the three-year-old.
Tolkien and the English Catholic Sense of History" considers the influence of English Catholicism--in particular that of Oratorian thinkers--on the sense of history and passage of time in The Lord of the Rings.
Waddington detects Nicodemite beliefs in Aretino and Titian; Oratorian musical invention, according to I.
Later Newman (he was ordained priest in Rome in the Oratorian order, founded by the 16th century St Philip Neri) established the Edgbaston Oratory and School, the other Oratories being in Oxford and London.