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Noun1.Orbignya - palms of southern Mexico to northern South America: babassu palm
liliopsid genus, monocot genus - genus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
Arecaceae, family Arecaceae, family Palmaceae, family Palmae, palm family, Palmaceae, Palmae - chiefly tropical trees and shrubs and vines usually having a tall columnar trunk bearing a crown of very large leaves; coextensive with the order Palmales
babassu, babassu palm, coco de macao, Orbignya martiana, Orbignya phalerata, Orbignya spesiosa - tall feather palm of northern Brazil with hard-shelled nuts yielding valuable oil and a kind of vegetable ivory
cohune, cohune palm, Orbignya cohune - tropical American feather palm whose large nuts yield valuable oil and a kind of vegetable ivory
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Con respecto a la vegetacion, las partes bajas del gradiente estan cubiertas principalmente por selvas tropicales (selva mediana subcaducifolia y selva mediana subperennifolia), donde las especies arboreas predominantes son Brosimum alicastrum, Bursera simaruba y Orbignya guacuyule (Bravo, Gomez, & Marquez, 2013).
9 g/kg of ether extract [EE] in the total diet); ii) with PO derived from the palmaceae plant Orbignya oleifera, which has a lipid profile rich in lauric and myristic (medium-chain fatty acids); iii) with LO; iv) with whole soybeans (WS)--whole and unground; and v) PF (Lactoplus; Dalquim group, Itajai, Santa Catarina, Brazil).
Embora as especies que compoem o genero formem um grupo natural, elas tem sido divididas em no minimo seis generos (Attalea, Markleya, Maximiliana, Orbignya, Parascheelea, Scheelea), os quais se distinguem entre si somente por suas flores masculinas.
Frequency of occurrence (%) Family/Species Portion consumed 2006 2010 Anacardiaceae Anacardium occidentale * pulp 40 19 Mangifera indica * pulp 20 19 Annonaceae Annona coriacea flower 8 Arecaceae Orbignya speciosa pulp 27 Caesalpiniaceae Copaiffera langsdorfii seed 8 Fabaceae Pterodon emarginatus seed 4 Malvaceae Erioteca gracilipes seed 10 Mimosoideae Inga laurina * seed 10 27 Moraceae Brosimum gaudichaudii fruit 20 8 Myrtaceae Eugenia jambolana * pulp 40 31 Vochysiaceae Vochysia haenckeana seed 10 * exotic species.
Attalea crassispatha is the only member of the genus to occur in the Caribbean Islands, and a molecular phylogeny based on seven unlinked nuclear loci strongly supports this species as sister to a clade that includes the Scheelea and Orbignya groups (Meerow et al.
Efeito do extrato aquoso de Orbignya phalerata (babacu) na cicatrizacao do estomago em ratos: estudo morfologico e tensiometrico.
Usually on sandy soils with shallow water tables, with Orbignya guacuyule (Liebm.
Anti-thrombotic effect of chronic oral treatment with Orbignya phalerata Mart.
Se han alcanzado resultados satisfactorios en Brasil con alimento comercial para pollos conteniendo 15 y 17% de proteina y con torta de palma hecha a partir de Orbignya martiana (Lowshin 1980; Da Silva et al.
Sin embargo, estudios realizados en Brasil con alimento comercial para pollos conteniendo 15-17% de proteina y torta de palma hecha a partir de Orbignya martiana encontraron un crecimiento adecuado de la "gamitana" (Lovshin, 1980; Da Silva et al.
A species that grows sparsely in the original habitat of primary forests, the babassu palm (Attalea speciosa, formerly Orbignya phalerata), (5) proliferates after land clearing, and constitutes a dramatic example of "oligarchic forests" in the Amazon (Peters, 1992; Peters et al.