prop. n.1.(Zool.) A genus of living Foraminifera, forming broad, thin, circular disks, containing numerous small chambers.
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Other associated species include Discocyclina dispansa, and species of Austrotrillina, Nummulites, Fabiania , Alveolina, Amphistegina, Asterigerina, Operculina, Smoutina, Assilina, Dictyoconus, Orbitolites, Elphidium and Planorbulina (Figs.
conditi, Discocyclina dispansa and Alveolina globula along with Orbitolites, Miliolids and Algae.
The upper part of the Jahrum Formation consists of thick bedded fossiliferous limestone of shallow marine water and lagoonal environment like Dacycladacea, Gastropoda and Bivalve (Oyster), along with benthonic foraminifera like Orbitolites complanatus 'Nummulites sp.
Abundant pelloid along with Orbitolites and Miliolids and with a lower amount Nummulites and mudsupported facies, proposed the deposition in the lagoonal environments.
In the fossil record Alveolina is found in association with Nummulites and Orbitolites in the Eocene Jdeir Formation of offshore Libya representing a back ramp environment (Anketell and Mirheel 2000).
2007), their MFT is based on the high abundance of Orbitoididea, small Miliolids together with the presence of dasyclad green algae and they named their MFT as Alveolina- Orbitolites packstone.
laminose, Nummulites atacicus/dolloti and Orbitolites complanatus.