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Ein mittelalterliches Ordal und seine Vergegenwartigung bei Heinrich von Kleist.
Infact the outer membrane determines the bacteria's abilityto tolerate any particular change in a set of ionicconditions (Brown and Turner 1963) thus loss of tolerance to salts or other potentially toxic compounds may reveal membrane damage or weakening (Iandolo and Ordal 1966).
O termo derivaria do latim tardio ordalium (no plural, ordalia); este do galico ordal ('julgamento', 'juizo').
Con el fin de aislar al patogeno se realizaron disecciones asepticas de los peces para obtener muestras de liquido ascitico del peritoneo, forunculos, raspado de las ulceraciones cutaneas, maceracion de organos internos (bazo, higado, rinon) y agallas; las cuales fueron sembradas en el Agar Cytophaga Modificado segun Anaker & Ordal (AOA) (1959) (triptona 0,5%; acetato de sodio 0,02%; extracto de levadura 0,05%, extracto de carne 0,05% y agar 1,5%) y Agar Tripticasa Soya (TSA).
Cornell University Press, 1999); Woody Holton, Forced Founders: Indians, Debtors, Slaves and the Making of the American Revolution in Virginia (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1999); Karen Ordal Kupperman, Indians and English: Facing off in Early America (Ithaca, N.
Flavobacterium columnare the agent of columnaris disease was first described by Davis in 1922 as Bacillus columnaris and it was isolated by Ordal and Rucker (1944) and called Chondrococcus columnaris.
These samples were streaked onto broth or agar medium modified from Anacker and Ordal (1955), a non selective medium for the isolation of Gram negative gliding bacteria and incubated at 25 [degrees]C for 48 hours and suspect colonies were selected for further analysis.
The medium utilized in the present study was a modification of those used by Anacker and Ordal (1955) for inducing the growing of other bacteria and limiting Flavobacterium growth.
amp; ordal & a[eth]as syndan tocwe[eth]en freolsdagum & rihtymbrendagum & fram Adventum Domini o[eth] octabas Epiphani // & fram Septuagessiman o[eth] XV niht ofer eastran.
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