ordered pair

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or·dered pair

A pair of numbers that come in a specific order and are usually written in parentheses, such as (3, 5).
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In accordance with the definition by Sidman (2000), "the equivalence relation consists of ordered pairs of all positive elements that participate in the reinforcement contingency" (Sidman 2000, p.
Mathematical concepts that are taught include how to plot data points from a table, how to label ordered pairs, and how to name coordinates on a grid.
The notions of tonal "qualia" and "chroma" lie at the heart of the tonal GIS, which Rings represents as ordered pairs of' scale degrees and pitch classes (sd, pc) respectively.
On Higginbotham's approach, accomplishments are syntactically represented by ordered pairs of positions for events, and the accomplishment interpretation of a predicate stems from the thematic structures of prepositions and syntactic adjuncts, rather than head verbs.

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