Ordinary of the Mass

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(R. C. Ch.) the part of the Mass which is the same every day; - called also the canon of the Mass.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The second repeats Francis' frequent call for a "sound decentralization" of authority in the church, defining that concept as "leaving in the hands of diocesan Pastors the faculty of resolving in the exercise of the magisterium ordinarium the questions that they know well and that do not have to do with the unity of doctrine and of the communion of the universal Church."
Solemn occasions and holidays featured the performance of figural music; the sole musical testimony of this practice is a manuscript with a vocal-instrumental setting of the ordinarium of the Mass by Joseph Porsch (67).
--after Kyriale seu Ordinarium Missae, author unknown
Ubi cessat remedium ordinarium, ibi decurritur ad extraordinarium, "Where the ordinary remedy fails, recourse must be had to an extraordinary one." Presently, even after the killing of Osama bin Laden, counter-terror operators, confronted with adversarial groups that may still act as capable proxies for certain enemy states, will need to capably resist all forms of "perfidy," and also to understand that such resistance can be both indispensable, and law-enforcing.
Entre los anfibios de la familia Ambystomatidae, la especie que mas se ha utilizado como objeto de estudio es Ambystoma mexicanum, con innumerables trabajos en biologia del desarrollo y en evolucion; se conoce que los miembros de esta familia presentan una fertilizacion interna y la ovoposicion de huevos es dentro del agua y de manera estacional, anual o bianual, excepto en Ambystoma ordinarium que se reproduce durante todo el ano (Salthe 1969, Anderson & Worthington 1971).
Missa votiva (1739), one of the Zelenka's longest musical arrangements of the mass ordinarium, was among the composer's late works.