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A city of north-central Utah adjacent to Provo.


(ˈɔr əm, ˈoʊr-)

a city in N Utah. 64,420.
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Orem relates that his podcast is a prescription for fast, entertaining, and effective heart rate training workouts.
Agonized might be understating it," company President Dennis Orem said of the family discussions leading up to that leap of faith.
Palabras clave: autocuidado, modelos de enfermeria, teoria del deficit de autocuidado, Teoria General de Orem.
Hall's daughter, Wrandi Greenwalt, now 31, of Orem, remembers wanting a clown for her birthday party as a kid.
It's not so much a zone as it is a development tool," Richard Manning, Orem assistant city manager tells the paper.
Scheingold, Orem and Trueblood, 293 FSupp2d 447, 2004-1 USTC [paragraph] 50, 116.
But Orem Police Lieutenant Doug Edwards told Salt Lake City's Deseret News for March 29th, "If you were all alone and happened to find this amount of money scattered all over the ground in a deserted field, you'd immediately be looking around to spot the 'Candid Camera' crew.
But Orem is focused on becoming a positive place for teaching and learning.
OREM, Utah -- Seven Peaks, a leader in family entertainment and recreation, announced today that it has officially changed the name of Trafalga Fun Center in Orem and Lehi to Seven Peaks Fun Center Orem[TM] and Seven Peaks Fun Center Lehi[TM].
In past months, OREM and its cleanup contractor, URS | CH2M Oak Ridge (UCOR), tore down the 5,000-square-foot K-832-H Cooling Tower and the 11,000-square-foot K-832 Cooling Water Pumphouse.
AJS Carpet Cleaning has been selected for the 2012 Best of Orem Award in the Carpet Cleaning & Repair category by the Orem Award Program.
Jerry Orem, founder of the home improvement megastores in Eugene and Springfield that bear his name, died at age 85 on Thursday from complications of a stroke he had suffered in 1991.