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Noun1.oreo - chocolate cookie with white cream fillingoreo - chocolate cookie with white cream filling
cookie, cooky, biscuit - any of various small flat sweet cakes (`biscuit' is the British term)
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Confirming Oreo's adherence to the halal requirement, Al Hammadi explained: "In general, all standards for food products in the UAE stress on the halal requirement and accordingly, only meat and poultry products or other products that the meat is part of its ingredient, will also require Halal certificate for such category.
(1) In her introduction for the 2015 rerelease of the novel, Danzy Senna observes that Oreo's resistance to easy categorization may help account for its difficulty achieving more notoriety: "Ross is a hard sell for February, black history month, and a hard sell for March, women's history month" (2015, xvi).
Quinta Layla thanked the people who helped in digging Oreo's burial place, namely Ryan, Motty, and Mona.
Taylor Young says Oreo sent her a box of her proposed cherry cola Oreos thanking her for her contest entry, which comes with the chance to win $500,000, but she told a local news station that the company has since claimed "that cherry cola was already in development, so it was not her idea." Oreo's parent company declined to comment for the ABC7 story.
In fact, a 1981 article titled Creative Eating: The Oreo Syndrome, by folk historian Elizabeth Mosby Adler suggested that part of the Oreo's appeal is that it allows people to bring their own personal style to experience.
I can't work out who has paid who to allow this to happen, but you have to admit it's likely in Oreo's favour to have its name attached to the world's most popular mobile OS.
This is especially useful with another one of Android Oreo's new features, that of notifying you about running apps.
Android Oreo's left, and There are also 'notification dots' - which are, well, dots that sit over the corner of your app icons on the home screen to let you know something's happened in them.
Picture-in-picture: With Android Oreo's picture-in-picture feature, users can see two apps at once, thus catering to the multi-taskers.
It wasn't until 1921 when Nabisco, Oreo's maker, decided to make the change to Oreo Sandwich.
Oreo's classic sandwich cookie consisting of two chocolate wafers with a sweet creme filling in between will always be a hit among those with a sweet tooth.
They have sincebeen released on Oreo's social media platforms and were directed by La Abood from Analog Production.