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or Ø·re·sund  (œ′rə-sŭn′, -so͝ond′)
A narrow strait between southern Sweden and eastern Denmark connecting the Baltic Sea with the Kattegat.


(Placename) the Danish name for the Sound Swedish name: Öresund


(Dan. ˈœ rəˌsʊn)

also Ö•re•sund

(Sw. -ˌsʊnd)

a strait between the Danish island of Zealand and SW Sweden, connecting the Kattegat with the Baltic.
English, The Sound.
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Ademas, podras visitarla encantadora ciudad de Copenhague, situada a tan solo 25 minutos, a traves del puente Oresund.
One lead came via a Swedish tabloid, Aftonbladet, which quoted a crew member on a freighter as saying their vessel had a close encounter overnight Friday with the submarine, near the Oresund Bridge, which links Denmark and Sweden.
When the Oresund Bridge was inaugurated in 2000, it physically connected Denmark and Sweden, nations that had been separated since Denmark was invaded from southern Sweden in 1658.
NCC AB (STO:NCCB), a construction, infrastructure and property development company in the Nordic region, announced on Tuesday that it as been commissioned to construct a new train maintenance depot for the Oresund trains (Oresundstagen).
The Oresund region is a transnational metropolitan area that embraces Skane in southern Sweden and the Zealand region of Denmark.
com/sweden-impose-photo-identity-checks-oresund-bridge-tackle-refugee-crisis-2247345) photo identity checks on travelers from Denmark crossing the Oresund bridge.
He believes the new measures insisted upon by the social democrat-led Swedish government will have a deleterious impact on the Oresund region, which has been evolving into a Scandinavian Silicon Valley.
Sund & Blt Holding A / S and the resund Bridge want to agree on insurance assistance related to the two companies (and subsidiaries) activities, including operation of the Great Belt (including four ferry ports) Oresund Link and the Danish approach facilities to Oresund Link.
Migrants and others can cross the strait either by ferry or across the five-mile-long Oresund Bridge from Copenhagen to Malmo in Sweden.
Which two European countries are connected by the Oresund Bridge?
21 May 2014 -- Stockholm-based financial services firm Swedbank AB (STO: SWEDA) (OSE: SWED) (LSE: SWK) said that The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority has approved Swedbank's acquisition of Sparbanken Oresund and the creation of Sparbanken Skane.
Once again, this thrilling series focuses on the Oresund Bridge which connects Malmo in Sweden with the Danish capital Copenhagen.