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a.1.(Biol.) Of or pertaining to organogenesis.
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The thickening Famennian sediments include organogenic limestones, dolomites with the interbedding of clays, marls and with massive sulphate- and salt-bearing beds.
Effect of nanoparticles on biological contamination of in vitro cultures and organogenic regeneration of banana.
The organogenic events occur by cellular differentiation, dedifferentiation and redifferentiation, depending on the resumption of the meristematic activity in the mature cells (MENDONCA et al.
1999) Organogenic role of B lymphocytes in mucosal immunity.
Callus formation is a technique used to study the growth and development of the callus, and it is commonly used to facilitate plant propagation by either organogenic or embryogenic routes.
Yellow friable calli are also considered organogenic and, according to Arunyanart and Chaitrayagun (2005), translucent yellowish parts indicate their embryogenic potential.
According to the performed by the HPA in advance Feasibility study listed below bridge structures are to be built in difficult conditions (organic or organogenic soils in conjunction with a high ground water level or refills from the rinsing and drainage field mode via organic or organogenic soils).
Lead, just like other heavy metals, is accumulated in the soil stratum--especially, in upper organogenic horizons and layers.
Taken together, we can conclude that phytohormones play a diverse role for organogenic responses on explants in vitro for this species.
Facies Analysis and Sedimentary Model of an Organogenic Carbonate System.