Wilhelm Reich

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Noun1.Wilhelm Reich - Austrian born psychoanalyst who lived in the United States; advocated sexual freedom and believed that cosmic energy could be concentrated in a human being (1897-1957)
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Yet in the 1950s, in his heyday in the United States, this neo-Freudian revisionist, messiah of the good orgasm and inventor of the orgone box had a reputation similar to that of Norman Mailer: to some a genius, to others a rebel, but to many simply a lunatic.
And while there'll be no stripping off allowed in the orgone box, the must have debated the possibility of, erm, "Lewd behaviour?
Actors Depot will cast The Limits of Time and Space, Face in the Wall, The 4th Dimensional World, The Orgone Box, and Mind Bend.
Those familiar with Burroughs' fiction from this period will not be surprised to find him repeatedly proselytizing for the apomorphine cure for addiction, arguing that addiction is a medical rather than a legal problem, and promoting Scientology's E-meter, Reich's orgone box, and Gysin's dream machine.
He was convicted for crimes related to the promotion and sale of a truly harmless "medical" device, the orgone box.