orgone energy

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or′gone en`ergy

a vital, nonmaterial element claimed by Wilhelm Reich to have healing powers for human beings.
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The creation in this novel of a mysterious field of electrical energy, manifested in the aurora borealis, a force which energizes the entire globe and into which the minds of all creatures are plugged, is similar to Reich's belief in the existence of "orgone energy," a form of tangible, measurable libido that activates all living things.
Such terms have been proposed by Wilhelm Reich as Orgone energy [23]; von Reichenbach as the Od [24], among others.
She spent years studying belly dancing and making Middle Eastern dance costumes, and now pursues the study of Orgone energy, proposed in the 1930s as a universal and healing life force by Wilhelm Reich.
He was an early follower of Freud, a radical Marxist, a pioneering sexologist, a believer in UFOs, and the discoverer of "orgone energy," the life force that he insisted united the earth to the cosmos, humans to nature, the psyche to the body, and individuals together to form a healthy society.
Among his other achievementspopularizing the term "sexual revolution"; fascinating Norman Mailer, Saul Bellow, and Allen Ginsberg; dying in prison after being busted by the FDA for selling large wooden boxes in which people would sit to gather up their "orgone energy"the radical sex theorist Wilhelm Reich also managed to inspire at least two pop songs, as Kim Cooper pointed out in a talk, in May, at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Patti Smith's "Birdland" and Kate Bush's "Cloudbusting." For those who want to know more about Reich than can be conveyed in a music video starring Donald Sutherland, Christopher Turner surveys the man's bizarre but consequential career in Adventures in the Orgasmatron: How the Sexual Revolution Came to America (FSG, June).
He also focuses on Reich's major reassessment of Freudian doctrines of the libido into an ideology of orgone energy and its biologically-based potential for enhancing bodily and emotional health.
We have William Reich, discoverer of orgone energy; a woman tripping on "Electric Ladyland"; a robot chicken; a coma dream about The Clash; sex, sex and sex; a flock of books falling from the sky; and the riveting tale of the Plainville Downtown Business Association's bake sale (my favorite).
Two years after beginning his Oranur experiment--"Orgone Energy (OR) Versus Nuclear Energy (NR)"--he and his colleagues at the Orgone Institute's 200-acre compound in western Maine found themselves in the midst of an atmospheric crisis.
Orgonomy is the science of orgone energy that includes medical orgonomy, orgone biology, orgone physics, sociology, meteorology, etc.
Armoring is a blockage to the flow of normal biological energy, which Reich came to term Orgone Energy because of its intimate relationship to organic life and function.