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A universal life force hypothesized by Wilhelm Reich, supposed to emanate from all organic material, that purportedly plays a role in physical and mental health.

[Probably org(anism) + -one.]


a substance postulated by Wilhelm Reich, who thought it was present everywhere and needed to be incorporated in people for sexual activity and mental health
[C20: from org(asm) + (horm)one]
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Radionics Box has announced the launch of the RAD 2400HD orgonite energized orgone radionics machine and workstation.
The newly launched HD class device has a large orgonite core, trend and target wells and controls, a selectable pulse frequency and large silver output pipe.
Their resident expert, Jon Beerli, will give all the details on the history and advancement Orgonite has had in the past decades.
To complicate matters, there are some environmental fanatics seeking to spread Orgonite, an ostensible source of energy, to the area, a couple of ne'er-do-wells seeking to cash in on a rare earth shipment, and some murders to occupy the protagonists, not to mention local bribery, smuggling and other side issues.
With regards to filtering/cleansing EMF pollution, I suggest you research on Orgonites.