Oriental Studies

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Noun1.Oriental Studies - the scholarly knowledge of Asian cultures and languages and people
arts, humanistic discipline, humanities, liberal arts - studies intended to provide general knowledge and intellectual skills (rather than occupational or professional skills); "the college of arts and sciences"
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Valeria-Iman Porohova has made a huge contribution into development of translation and Oriental studies. She visited Kyrgyzstan several times and took an active part in various scientific and religious events.
Valeria-Iman Mikhailovna made a huge contribution to the development of translation and oriental studies. She repeatedly visited Kyrgyzstan and took an active part in various scientific and religious events, always raised issues of spiritual morality and the problems of raising the general level of human culture.
Handbook of Oriental Studies, Section One: Ancient Near East; Volume 132
A number of foreign speakers participating in the conference included Professor Stephany Griffith Jones of UK's Institute of Development Studies and Prof Natalia Zamaraeva of Moscow's Institute of Oriental Studies.
He said the invitation was delivered by the Russian Foreign Ministry's institute of oriental studies. The institute, added Naeem, delivered similar invitations to other Palestinian factions, which met in Moscow last year, to discuss Palestinian internal affairs and how to push forward conciliation thus putting an end to division.
He explained that lecturer and researcher at the School of Oriental Studies in Madrid, Jawdat Makinzi, contacted Petra National Conservation Society and informed it about these artefacts which were on sale at an auction in Madrid, adding that owner of the auction bought the three pieces and gave them back to Jordan in coordination with the society.
Mohammed Al-Issa has received here a delegation of senior Japanese academics concerned with oriental studies headed by Professor Hiroshi Nawata.
These trainings will predominantly be conducted in Islamic and Oriental Studies on elementary and secondary levels to eradicate violence and encourage communal harmony, and will therefore, provide platforms to the teaching faculty to upgrade their skills and deliver their best to the student-community.
The seminar included papers on different topics such as 'Ahmed bin Majid, the navigator and scholar', 'Ahmed bin Majid in Oriental Studies', 'Spatial Geography in Ahmed bin Majid's Maritime Studies: Dhofar Ports and their Landmarks as a Model', 'Scientific Value of Ahmed bin Majid's Writings' and 'The Role of Official Institutions in the Exposition of Ahmed bin Majid and his Scientific Heritage'.
Majid in Oriental Studies," "Spatial Geography in Ahmed bin Majid's
As well as providing vital support for graduate students in Oriental Studies and Archaeology, the programme has overseen the excavation of Barda in Azerbaijan, and the translation of major works of Azeri and Russian scholarship into English'.