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 (ôr′ĭ-jĕn′, -jən, ŏr′-) ad185?-254?
Greek philosopher and theologian who reinterpreted Christian doctrine through Neoplatonist philosophy. His influential work was later condemned as unorthodox.


(Biography) ?185–?254 ad, Christian theologian, born in Alexandria. His writings include Hexapla, a synopsis of the Old Testament, Contra Celsum, a defence of Christianity, and De principiis, a statement of Christian theology


(ˈɔr ɪˌdʒɛn, -dʒən, ˈɒr-)

n. (Origenes Admantius)
A.D. 185?–254?, Alexandrian writer and Christian theologian.
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Noun1.Origen - Greek philosopher and theologian who reinterpreted Christian doctrine through the philosophy of NeoplatonismOrigen - Greek philosopher and theologian who reinterpreted Christian doctrine through the philosophy of Neoplatonism; his work was later condemned as unorthodox (185-254)
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the Atlantis of Plato, that continent denied by Origen and Humbolt, who placed its disappearance amongst the legendary tales.
Origen certainly knew "gnostic ideas"--far from my being ignorant of it, I referred to Strutwolf's book in a separate essay ten years ago (1)--and of course both Origen and most "gnostics" shared some (broadly conceived) Platonic ideas applied to Christianity.
Specifically, Origen cannot acknowledge history in a way appropriate to the biblical narrators' understanding of revelation.
Origen also will make an initial distribution on April 23, 2015 of $1.
Origen has often served as a protean figure in historical theology.
A key reason for the AOP partnering with Origen is to ensure that its members can access a wide range of expert financial advice on how to maximise their financial position, whether through efficient investment and pensions planning, tax advice, family protection or help in achieving the best possible income at retirement.
8) Origen also said that we should not despise or abase the poor, (9) or shame their faces.
Origen excelled at scripture and, for instance, created the wonderful Hexapla, a Bible with parallel columns of Hebrew and different Greek translations.
Roche will also give the as-yet unnamed company $155 million and get nonexclusive rights to Origen at no cost.
Origen made this point by indicating the two ways in which these words are used in Genesis.
2) Eusebius never knew Origen but reveres him because his own revered teacher, Panphilus, who was Origen's student, did so.
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