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The belief or assumption that the meanings of a text are determined mainly by the stated or implied intentions of the author.

in·ten′tion·al·ist adj. & n.
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There should be no need for interpretations, which are going against the original intent of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) 2016," she said in the Rajya Sabha.
ORIGINAL INTENT The Sabbath, just like our Constitution, was intended to help and benefit the people, not burden them.
And congressmen, whose political parties, private businesses and other vested interests benefit from packing the legislature with their party-list affiliates, can't be expected to approve any proposal that will restore the original intent of the party-list provision in the Constitution, which is to give congressional representation to marginalized sectors.
"With or without the tax credits, our original intent was to preserve as much of the historic fabric of the building that we possibly could, and I believe the end result speaks to the success of that intent," Gootee said.
Adaptive use: structures rehabilitated with sensitivity to their historic past and that function differently from their original intent. Recent recipients include The Grand on Main and the Hunter-Gatherer at Curtiss-Wright Hangar.
Constitution, its meaning, and original intent is what the Left fears the most.
He added that if the party is thrust into uncertainty and faced with prolonged strife during the effort to obtain that trust, it would be contrary to the original intent of service.
The judgment also said that the original intent behind introduction of section 9(b) of the National Accountability Ordinance, 1999 ousting jurisdiction of the courts regarding grant of bail in a case under the said ordinance already stands neutralised by opening of the door for bail through exercise of constitutional jurisdiction of a High Court and resultantly the entire burden in that regard is being shouldered by the High Courts which is a huge and an unnecessary drain on their precious time.
'Lately, the perspective of some members of the Senate is that we have completely digressed already from the original intent of the creation of the Office of the Press Secretary,' he said.
The reality is the rule approved today effectively allows large credit unions to operate with no membership limitations at all, well beyond Congress' original intent."
"We hope the GASB will revisit its original intent in issuing Statement 77: to bring out of the shadows previously undisclosed costs that have a significant impact on many governments' fiscal health," wrote one Washington policy group.