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n. pl. o·ri·shas or orisha
1. Any of various spirits in West African and especially Yoruban religious belief that can interact directly with human beings, often ritually invoked to influence human affairs or communicate messages from the spirit world.
2. Any of various similar spirits in African-based syncretic religions such as Santería and Candomblé, often in which traditional African spirits are identified with Roman Catholic saints.

[Yoruba òrìṣà.]
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(əˈrɪʃə) or


(Other Non-Christian Religions) any of the minor gods or spirits of traditional Yoruba religion and its S American and Caribbean offshoots such as Santeria and Candomblé
[from Yoruba orisha and the Portuguese spelling orixá]
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O lo si oko, lati lo pade iku re lasan ni Osun, Orisa Odo
(28) Embaixador de Benin na UNESCO cita: "[...] los pueblos y entidades geopoliticas del Africa Occidental situados entre el rio Niger y el rio /volta al oeste, del siglo XV al XIX [...] los reinos y pueblos Ewe, Aja Tado, Alada, Xogbonu, Danxome, Oyo, Ijebu, Ife, Tapa, Bini [...] cuna de las religiones orisa y vodun que sobrevivieron en America [.] orisa y vodun circulan libremente entre los pueblos que se los transfieren unos a otros [...] Una caracteristica basica de estas religiones iniciaticas consiste en que cada individuo se identifica con una diosa o un dios quien es dueno de su persona: ori (ABIMBOLA, 1976; ABIODUM, 1987; DREWAL, PEMBERTON e ABIODUM; 1989; LAWAL, 1985).
Location State 1 PMG-1 Biharsharif Bihar 2 PMG-2 Hajaribag Jharkhand 3 PMG-3 Ambikapur Chattisgarh 4 PMG-4 Manora Maharashtra 5 PMG-5 Pannampet Karnataka 6 PMG-6 Nandiyal Andra Pradesh 7 PMG-7 Jagdalpur Chattisgarh 8 PMG-8 Kollar Orisa 9 PMG-9 Bhandara Maharashtra 10 PMG-10 Nagpur Maharashtra Table 2.
Yemoja, like other books in this suite edited by Falola, explores Yoruba culture as transcending Africa and thriving, especially through various Orisa cultural practices, in the diasporas.
The temple is called Egbe Orisa Oko (5) and the chief priest's name is Jose Hidalgo.
(4) Cited by Wole Soyinka, "The Tolerant Gods," in Jacob K Olupona and Terry Rey, eds., Orisa Devotion as World Religion: The Globalization of Yoruba Religions Culture (Madison, WI.
Andrew Bendel, of Blue Horizon, and Cristiano Bortone, of Italy's Orisa Produzioni, are to co–producee Italian Chapel at the same time.
Scholars of social sciences and humanities and practitioners of various arts mostly in Africa and the US examine Esu, the divine messenger in Yoruba religion and worldview and in related orisa traditions in the African diaspora that many now consider the Black Atlantic religion.
According to Pamela Smith, oriki ranges "from a mother's simple morning salutation/praise-appellation to her child to lengthy, ceremonial, professional chanter/drummer vocatives of elaborate proportions, extolling the noble deeds of rulers, orisa, spiritual beings, or even inanimate objects" (352-53).
According to Advisory issued by the Chairman Federal Flood Commission Asjad Imtiaz Ali here on Wednesday, monsoon low pressure has intensified as a "Well Marked Low" and a low pressure has moved westward during the last 24 hours and right now lies over Orisa (India) and adjoining areas of Chhattisgarh (India) and this weather system will move westward resulting strong monsoon in various parts of the country from Thursday to Sunday.