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a.1.(Geol.) Designating, or pertaining to, certain beds, chiefly limestone, characteristic of the latest period of the Silurian age.
Oriskany period
a subdivision of the American Paleozoic system intermediate or transitional in character between the Silurian and Devonian ages. See Chart of Geology.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Fireman's Field, Rte 12B/26, Oriskany Falls, NY 13425.
He was stationed aboard the USS Oriskany during the Korean Conflict.
Numerous entries, seventy-six in my most recent query, appear on the search results for the name 'Hare' in the "Land Petitions of Upper Canada, 1763-1865." The petitioners include children of Lieutenant Henry Hare, and also his brothers, Captain John Hare, who was killed at the Battle of Oriskany in 1777, and Captain Peter Hare, head of the pioneer family that settled outside Niagara in a town known today as Lincoln.
* Searching for anyone who served with Atkron VA 165 Skyraiders on the USS Oriskany, 1963-1964, Need information regarding Humphrey, who flew during this time.
Bonide Products Inc., headquartered in Oriskany, New York, has provided branded pest solutions to home, garden, farm and ranch consumers for over 90 years.
After the war he trained as a pilot and served as an exchange officer on USS Oriskany in the Korean War.
Bloody Sixteen tells the harrowing story of Carrier Wing 16 and the USS Oriskany during their service during the Rolling Thunder bombing campaign.
Treatments consisted of: (1) copper hydroxide applied to the pot only, not on the substrate and plant foliage; (2) copper hydroxide plus Bonide Turbo[R] spreader-sticker (Bonide Products, Oriskany, New York, USA) applied only to the pot, no treatment of substrate and plant foliage; (3) copper hydroxide plus Southern Ag[R] spreader-sticker (Southern Agricultural Insecticides, Palmetto, Florida, USA) applied only to the pot, no treatment of substrate and plant foliage; (4) plant and pot treated with copper hydroxide but no substrate treatment; (5) untreated plant and pot (water spray only), no substrate treatment (untreated control).
Meetings in New York City and Oriskany in 1967 led to NYSOWA's formation.
The retired Navy officer had just gone to bed on the USS Oriskany in October, 1966, when stacks of parachute flares used to light up bombing targets in Vietnam burst into flames on the ship, killing 44 Americans.
When I'd first come to Port Oriskany as a transfer student.