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(ˈɔːknɪ) ,



Orkney Islands

pl n
(Placename) a group of over 70 islands off the N coast of Scotland, separated from the mainland by the Pentland Firth: constitutes an island authority of Scotland; low-lying and treeless; many important prehistoric remains. Administrative centre: Kirkwall. Pop: 19 310 (2003 est). Area: 974 sq km (376 sq miles).


[ˈɔːrkni] n
the Orkneys (also the Orkney Islands) → les Orcades fpl
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He is going in a Government vessel to inspect the lighthouses on the North of Scotland, and on the Orkney and Shetland Islands--and, having noticed how worn and ill my poor boy looks, he most kindly invites George to be his guest on the voyage.
The 'Guide to Scotland' says the coast is rugged; and there is a wild sea between the north shore and the Orkney Islands.
They have done with the north coast and they have crossed the wild sea to the Orkneys.
This, at such an hour of the night, surprised me greatly; but I was too ignorant to draw the true conclusion -- that we were going north-about round Scotland, and were now on the high sea between the Orkney and Shetland Islands, having avoided the dangerous currents of the Pentland Firth.
On the 15th of March we were in the latitude of New Shetland and South Orkney.
With this resolution I traversed the northern highlands and fixed on one of the remotest of the Orkneys as the scene of my labours.
He went to the Gallapagos, a horrid dry place on the Equator, where he was nearly baked to death; he went to the Georgia Islands, the Orkneys, Emerald Island, Little Nightingale Island, Gough's Island, Bouvet's Island, the Crossets, and even to a little speck of an island south of the Cape of Good Hope.
Hen harriers and short-eared owls are among threatened species thriving in the Orkney moorlands.
Second, the Company entered into agreements to unwind the 2005 Orkney I securitization transaction and to cede the Orkney block of business to Hannover Life Reassurance Company of America ("Hannover Life Re"), as explained more fully below.
Americans Lucia Baratta and John Sessions flew to Orkney on Monday for their ceremony but their luggage, carrying her wedding dress, went missing in transit.
ORKNEY may officially be a part of the British Isles, but within minutes of landing on the islands you find yourself whisked into another world and time.
02 Contract Notice (below OJEU threshold): Orkney Islands Council has a requirement for the provision of a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Study for a proposed design and build renewable energy project in Orkney currently in the early development stage and seeks a suitably qualified and experienced Consultant to undertake this work.