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(ˈɔːknɪ) ,



Orkney Islands

pl n
(Placename) a group of over 70 islands off the N coast of Scotland, separated from the mainland by the Pentland Firth: constitutes an island authority of Scotland; low-lying and treeless; many important prehistoric remains. Administrative centre: Kirkwall. Pop: 19 310 (2003 est). Area: 974 sq km (376 sq miles).


[ˈɔːrkni] n
the Orkneys (also the Orkney Islands) → les Orcades fpl
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The QE is coming from Kirwall in the Orkney Isles and the QV from Guernsey.
On one occasion at Kirkwall airfield on the Orkney Isles a single gull held up the take-off of a plane when it stood in the runway and refused to move despite the plane speeding towards it at around 100 miles per hour.
Some 5,000 rams from across Britain will be sold on the day but none will have travelled further than the 12 tups from the Cursiter's Laga Flock on the Orkney Isles.
The sheep from the Laga Flock on the Orkney Isles travel the furthest among the 5,000 sheep across 20 or so breeds.
Each Lot will require pan Scotland delivery (although Scottish Water reserves the right to award on a geographical basis) and will exclude the Western, Shetland and Orkney Isles.
Tim Deakin, General Manager at Orkney Scottish Island Cheddar said: "The whole company is delighted to receive PGI status, in recognition of the fact that Orkney Cheddar is produced with locally sourced milk from the Orkney Isles following a traditional recipe and process.
On 22 August, the Congregation of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer based on the tiny island of Papa Stronsay in the Orkney Isles off the north coast of Scotland made a public profession of vows, after receiving formal recognition as a diocesan institute within the Catholic Church.
Celebrating their 50th birthday this year, they are a vital lifeline to remote areas and islands and have two record book entries - the shortest scheduled air flight in history (two minutes between the Orkney isles of Westray) and the landing strip (Barra).
Outlying areas like the Orkney isles face higher transport costs.
I've been to the Orkney Isles in Scotland recently where I discovered a new reef with huge swells.
The ancient, mystical land of the Orkney Isles is exquisitely rendered in this compelling tale of magic and Viking menace.
The Oyster, now in its first stage of deployment at the European Marine Energy Centre off the coast of Scotland's Orkney Isles, uses the movement of passing near-shore waves to activate its oscillator, pumping high-pressure sea water through a pipeline to a seaside converter where it is made into hydroelectric power.