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(ˈɔːknɪ) ,



Orkney Islands

pl n
(Placename) a group of over 70 islands off the N coast of Scotland, separated from the mainland by the Pentland Firth: constitutes an island authority of Scotland; low-lying and treeless; many important prehistoric remains. Administrative centre: Kirkwall. Pop: 19 310 (2003 est). Area: 974 sq km (376 sq miles).


[ˈɔːrkni] n
the Orkneys (also the Orkney Islands) → les Orcades fpl
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Contract Notice: Orkney Islands Council (the Council), in partnership with Highlands and Islands Enterprise, and in consultation with Orkney Meat Processors Limited, is commissioning a two-part study to a) identify the optimum future provision of sustainable abattoir services in Orkney, including the scale and location of that provision, and b) evaluate the potential markets for Orkney Beef, Orkney Lamb and locally-slaughtered pork.
Ten other Scots products have protected status - Shetland lamb, Orkney beef, Orkney lamb, Scottish farmed salmon, Scottish wild salmon, Scotch lamb, Scotch beef, native Shetland wool, Teviotdale cheese and Bonchester cheese.
com THE DEAL: The Pierowall Hotel is a cosy affair with rooms overlooking the harbour and a restaurant serving Orkney beef and the famed local bread known as bere bannock.
The items are: blobs begin etc Beacon Fell traditional Lancashire cheese, Bonchester cheese, Buxton Blue, Dorset Blue, Dovedale, Exmoor Blue, Single Gloucester, Swaledale cheese and Swaledale ewe's cheese, Teviotdale cheese, Westcountry farmhouse Cheddar cheese, White Stilton, Blue Stilton, Jersey Royal potatoes, Orkney beef and lamb, Scotch beef and lamb, Shetland lamb, Welsh beef and lamb, Arbroath smokies, Scottish farmed salmon, Whitstable oysters, Kentish ale and Kentish strong ale, Newcastle Brown Ale, Rutland bitter, Cornish clotted cream, Gloucestershire cider/perry, Herefordshire cider/perry, Worcestershire cider/perry.
The full list of protected products in the UK is: Beacon Fell Traditional Lancashire Cheese, Bonchester Cheese, Buxton Blue, Dorset Blue Cheese, Dovedale Cheese, Exmoor Blue Cheese, Single Gloucester, Swaledale Cheese, Swaledale Ewes' Cheese, Teviotdale Cheese, West Country Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese, White Stilton Cheese, Blue Stilton Cheese, Jersey Royal Potatoes, Orkney Beef, Orkney Lamb, Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb, Shetland Lamb, Welsh Beef, Welsh Lamb, Whitstable Oysters, Kentish Ale and Kentish Strong Ale, Newcastle Brown Ale, Rutland Bitter, Cornish Clotted Cream, Gloucestershire Cider, Herefordshire Cider, Worcestershire Cider.