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A city of central Florida east-northeast of Tampa. Originally a trade and processing center for cattle and oranges, it is now known for its aerospace industry and an extensive tourism and entertainment complex including theme parks and movie studios.


(Placename) a city in the US, in Florida: site of Walt Disney World. Pop: 199 336 (2003 est)


(ɔrˈlæn doʊ)

1. Vittorio Emanuele, 1860–1952, Italian statesman.
2. a city in central Florida. 173,902.
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Noun1.Orlando - a city in central Florida; site of Walt Disney World
Everglade State, FL, Florida, Sunshine State - a state in southeastern United States between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War
Walt Disney World - a large amusement park established in 1971 to the southwest of Orlando
References in classic literature ?
Well, Rosalind and Orlando, as we may as well call them, are two newly married young people who've been married, say, a year, and who find themselves at the end of it loving each other more than at the beginning,--for you are to suppose two of the tenderest, most devoted hearts that ever beat as one.
And to this did Orlando and his Rosalind set their hands and hearts and lips.
Their love didn't want a holiday; and when Orlando had referred to the matter during the early days of May, Rosalind had burst into tears, and begged him to reconsider a condition which they had made before they really knew what wedded love was.
And thus it had come about that Orlando had gone off for his month's holiday with a charming girl, who, with the cynic, will no doubt account for his stern adherence to duty; and Rosalind had gone off for hers with a pretty young man whom she'd liked well enough to go to the theatre and to supper with,--a young man who was indeed a dear friend, and a vivacious, sympathetic companion, but whom, as a substitute for Orlando, she immediately began to hate.
Now the question was, How had Orlando been getting on?
Well, then," I said, "if that's all, the thing to do is to find Orlando, tell him that you cannot bear it, and spend the rest of your holiday, you and he, together.
Unfortunately," I continued, "owing to your foolish arrangement not to tell each other where you were going and not to write, as being incompatible with Perfect Trust, you don't know where Orlando is at the present moment.
I think it's very likely that Orlando has gone there; and that's just where I was going when we met.
Of course, the scenery was dreadful and the Orlando absurd.
Is not Medoro the mythic form for all courtiers of feminine royalty, and Orlando the myth of disorderly, furious, and impotent revolutions, which destroy but cannot produce?
Orlando Ladislaw is making a sad dark-blue scandal by warbling continually with your Mr.
The Lakers dispatched the Orlando Magic with a 14-1 run in the third quarter, turning a three-point game at halftime into a 20-point blowout, and went on to a 102-87 victory at Staples Center.