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 (ôr′məzd, ôr-mŭzd′)
Variant of Ohrmazd.

[Persian Hormazd, from Middle Persian Ohrmazd; see Ohrmazd.]
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Noun1.Ormuzd - chief deity of ZoroastrianismOrmuzd - chief deity of Zoroastrianism; source of light and embodiment of good
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We should note also that this cosmic battle seems to form an archetypical pattern in pivotal mythical stories such as that of the fight between Isis and Seth, Vishnu and the serpent, Krishna and the serpent, Ormuzd (Ahura Mazda) and Ahriman (cf.
(451) The "idioma zend" spoken by the magician refers to the ancient Zend language of the Zoroastrians in which they recorded their religious beliefs about their creator God, Ahura Mazda (sometimes written, "Ormuzd"), in sacred texts known as the Zend-Avesta.