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A symbol in the form of a snake biting its own tail, used especially in ancient Egypt and in Hermetic philosophy as an emblem of eternity.

[Greek (drakōn) ouroboros, (serpent) eating its tail : ourā, tail; see ors- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots + -boros, eating (from bibrōskein, to eat, eat up).]
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(uːˈrɒbəˌrɒs; ˌuːrəˈbɒrəs)
(Classical Myth & Legend) an ancient mythical serpent used to symbolize perpetuity
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For example, in Oroboro (Ouroboros), 2007, and Helice (Helix), 2007, respectively, the artists filmed men charming snakes and casting a boat's propeller in bronze.
El idioma boricua, cual Oroboro (55) de los tiempos, hace lo mismo en esta epoca cuando la aldea global ha vuelto a ser plana, como bien nos ha convencido a todos Friedman.