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 (ôr′fē-əs, -fyo͞os′)
n. Greek Mythology
A Thracian poet and musician whose music had the power to move even inanimate objects and who almost succeeded in rescuing his wife Eurydice from Hades.

[Latin Orpheus, from Greek; see orbh- in Indo-European roots.]

Or·phe′an (ôr-fē′ən, ôr′fē-ən) adj.
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1. of or relating to Orpheus
2. melodious or enchanting
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Thee I re-visit now with bolder wing, Escap't the STYGIAN Pool, though long detain'd In that obscure sojourn, while in my flight Through utter and through middle darkness borne With other notes then to th' ORPHEAN Lyre I sung of CHAOS and ETERNAL NIGHT, Taught by the heav'nly Muse to venture down The dark descent, and up to reascend, Though hard and rare: thee I revisit safe, And feel thy sovran vital Lamp; but thou Revisit'st not these eyes, that rowle in vain To find thy piercing ray, and find no dawn; So thick a drop serene hath quencht thir Orbs, Or dim suffusion veild.
| Last week's Western Orphean Warbler on Bardsey proved to be a one-day wonder, and a Common Rosefinch was scant compensation for those who missed it.
36###Sylvia hortensis/ Western orphean warbler###Mix/Oak/Pine###11.5###13.49###LC###UP
It was with the same work back in 2012 that he and the Orphean Singers Cyprus experienced their first concert with an orchestra at The Annabelle Hotel.
Is this an Orphean rescue with a mythic subtext or a modern urban fairy tale?
Members of the band, Orphean Sounds, sit around casually sipping pints, the punters flow in in a bizarre mix of suits and indie clothing while, towering over them all at about 6ft 4 ins, is Crystal Meth, a burlesque act clad from head to toe in leather who drifts around the room demanding attention from everyone.
Sung to the harp" in addition recounts Book Three of Paradise Lost (13-21), where Bardic Milton mentions that he "sung of Chaos," though not with the "Orphean Lyre" of the Underworld (Milton's emphasis), since instead Milton was inspired by the heavenly Muse Urania, a Muse of Memory, who taught Milton to "venture down ...
A Western Orphean Warbler caused a stir in Hartlepool and a European Roller graced a ploughed field at Aldbrough, East Yorks.
APP learnt on Friday that Hazarganji Chiltan National Park Quetta that stretches over 32,500 acres of land, habitats a large number of species of animals and birds including -Chiltan wildgoat or Markhor, Suleiman Markhor, Urial sheep, wolf, Jackal, Red fox, and Desert hare, species of birds include Houbara bustard, Griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture, Honey buzzard, Laggar falcon, Peregrine falcon, Kestrel, Indian sparrow hawk, Scops owl, Common cuckoo, European bee-eater, Rock partridge, European nightjar, Long-billed pipit, Orphean warbler, Variable wheatear, Blue rock thrush, Stonechat, and Lichtensteins desert finch and reptiles- Monitor lizard, Russells viper, Saw scaled viper and Spiny tailed lizard.
Then, a wish, My last and favourite aspiration, mounts, With yearning, tow'rds some philosophic Song Of Truth that cherishes our daily life; With meditations passionate, from deep Recesses in man's heart, immortal verse Thoughtfully fitted to the Orphean lyre; But from this awful burthen I full soon Take refuge, and beguile myself with trust That mellower years will bring a riper mind And clearer insight.
Entries on Promethean, Odyssean, and Orphean Fantasy show the importance of mythical plot structures, while entries on the Conte Cruel, Conte Philosophique, and the culture of Decadence display sf's debts to the literary avant-garde.
Schneider, who sits on the advisory board for Roht's Orphean Circus company and recommended him for last year's Bard College job after he directed Regina there, compares Roht to a former colleague.