Orris root

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the fragrant rootstock of the orris.

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99 (70cl) which Aldi describes as "a delicious gin mixed from eight botanicals (juniper, coriander, angelica, orris root, Sicilian lemon, Seville orange, cassia bark and star anise) following a traditional Victorian recipe.
Alongside juniper, Hepple Gin also contains douglas fir and bog myrtle grown on Sir Walter's Northumberland estate, as well as lovage, blackcurrant leaf, blackcurrants, Amalfi lemon, coriander and fennel seeds, orris root, liquorice, and angelica.
Beehive's Jack Rabbit Gin is made with juniper berries, lemon peel, sage leaves, coriander seeds, orris root, grains of paradise and rose petals.
Beefeater is a quintessential London dry; Seagram's has a slightly sweeter profile with hints of orange peel, cinnamon and lilac (the Seagram's Twisted variants feature flavors such as pineapple, peach and melon); the unique Plymouth Gin has Protected Geographical Indication status and lists orris root and angelica root among its botanicals.
Brockmans, he adds, is not the traditional London Dry style; botanicals include blueberries, blackberries, licorice, Bulgarian coriander, orris root and cassia bark "It appeals to those nurtured on vodka or who don't like that heavy juniper flavor," he says
Starting off as brandy, Bummer & Lazarus gin from San Francisco-based Raff Distillerie is redistilled and infused with the flavors of juniper berries, orris root, coriander seeds, angelica root, bitter orange peel, lemon peel, cinnamon bark and licorice root.
We had great fun in a vineyard in Perugia finding out how important orris root has been and still is as a constituent in perfume manufacture.
One ton of Iris rhizome produces two kilos of essential oil, also referred to as orris root butter, making it a highly priced substance, and its fragrance has been described as tenaciously flowery, heavy and woody.
Fernet Branca, for example, is infused with myrrh, saffron, gentian root, cinchona bark and orris root to name a few of its exotic ingredients.
According to Waitrose, the gin is distilled with traditional botanicals - including juniper, almond, coriander, orris root, liquorice, lavender and angelica - and also contains the "unexpected flavors" of Earl Grey tea and lemon.
Violet Blonde combines violet, orris root and jasmine to create an opulent, feminine fragrance.