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Noun1.Orson Welles - United States actor and filmmaker (1915-1985)Orson Welles - United States actor and filmmaker (1915-1985)
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He dubbed the parts of such actors as Orson Welles, Laurence Olivier and Robert Taylor.
81 years ago, when radio was the primary medium of entertainment in the United States, radio broadcaster Orson Welles narrated a fictional show called 'War of the Worlds' that the listening audiences mistook as an actual news report.
1 THE EYES OF ORSON WELLES Today, BBC4, 9pm DIRECTOR, writer and actor Orson Welles seized 1940s Hollywood by the scruff of the neck with his debut feature Citizen Kane.
[USA], Aug 30 (ANI): Netflix unveiled the first trailer of Orson Welles' previously unfinished film 'The Other Side of the Wind', the filming began in the 1970s.
The awards ceremony for Bob Murawski will take place on 31 August before the out of competition world premiere screening of his latest work, Orson Welles' "The Other Side of the Wind".
Citizen Kane is a 1941 American mystery drama film by Orson Welles, its producer, co-screenwriter, director and star.
When they share an anecdote about 'Orson,' that means no less than 'Citizen Kane' director, Orson Welles. When 'Annie' is mentioned, that's Ann-Margret, mind you.
Innovative film and theater director, radio producer, actor, writer, painter, narrator, and magician, Orson Welles (1915-1985) was the last true Renaissance man of the twentieth century.
But nothing could be further from the truth, which is why he is currently touring the UK with his Orson Welles: One Man Band tour, which visits the Sherman Theatre on Friday, March 18.
ORSON WELLES, VOLUME 3: ONE MAN BAND BY SIMON CALLOW (Jonathan Cape, hardback PS25, ebook PS12.99) .....
ORSON WELLES, VOLUME 3: ONE MAN BAND BY SIMON CALLOW (Jonathan Cape, hardback PS25, ebook PS12.99) THE third volume of Simon Callow's titanic Orson Welles biography traces Welles' life from Macbeth's frosty reception in 1948 to his crowning glory of a noble failure, Chimes At Midnight, two decades later.