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Noun1.Ortalis - chachalacasOrtalis - chachalacas        
bird genus - a genus of birds
Cracidae, family Cracidae - curassows; guans; chachalacas
chachalaca - slender arboreal guan resembling a wild turkey; native to Central America and Mexico; highly regarded as game birds
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charatas (Ortalis canicollis) o lagartos colorados u overos (Tupinambis spp.; Arenas, 2003; Altrichter, 2006).
Se registraron especies medianamente amenazadas a nivel regional (CASTILLO & GONZALEZ, 2007) tanto en los bosques como en las matrices: Ardea cocoi, Dendrocygna bicolor, Anas discors, Rosthramus sociabilis, Falco femoralis, Ortalis columbiana, Aramides cajaneus, Pionus menstruus y Crotophaga major, asi como tambien, especies endemicas regionales (Stotzet al.
The Chaco chachalaca (Ortalis canicollis, Wagler, 1830) is a conspicuous cracid from Southwestern of South America, locally abundant in the Pantanal (Sick, 1997), which vegetation is a mosaic of patches of deciduous forest, gallery forest, palm swamps, savannas, and grassy open areas accordingly to soil quality and effect of annual floods (Pott and Pott, 1994).
The main prey in relation to the percentage of RNIC was, in order of importance, nine-banded armadillo followed by white-nosed coati and finally the west Mexican chachalaca Ortalis poliocephala, which provide 68% of RBC (Table 1).
Zinc toxicosis due to ingestion of a penny in a gray-headed chachalaca (Ortalis cinereiceps).