prop. n.1.(Zool.) An extinct genus of Brachiopoda, abundant in the Paleozoic rocks.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In Baltoscandia, the oldest rhynchonelliformean brachiopods (Apheoorthina daunus Walcott = Orthis christianiae Kjerulf) have been reported from the Tremadocian Ceratopyge Limestone in Sweden (Walcott 1912; Rubel 1961).
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Generalmente, estos estan metalizados cuando arman en los estratos areniscosos-cuarciticos de las Cuarcita Inferior, Cuarcita Botella-Cuarcita Guindo, Bancos Mixtos-Estratos con Orthis y la Cuarcita Castellar, y se vuelven esteriles en las pizarras (Pizarra Botella, Pizarra Chavera-Castellar) (Fig.
In 1962, Alwyn Williams briefly examined the collection, identified Orthis (Nicolella) Reed sp.
Wysogorski (1900) described the evolutionary trends of the Orthis calligramma group and differentiated the concavo-convex brachiopods as a separate linage with the species Orthis moneta Eichwald, 1861, O.
This genus contains the Ordovician brachiopods from the East Baltic, which differ from Orthis in 'the character of the ornamentation and the peculiar profile of the shell' (Schuchert & Cooper 1932, p.
However, Davidson (1848, 1871), whose large brachiopod collections from the Silurian are deposited in the NHM, described Platystrophia-like taxa under the generic name Orthis. A comparison of the label accompanying the specimen from the NHM by V.
6, also abundant sponge remains; (2) blocks (Nos 16-22, 30, 34, and others in Wiman's table) containing specimens of leptaenids in association with dalmanellids; (3) blocks (Nos 1, 4, and 10) with the most diverse association of brachiopods comprising mainly Hulterstadia cor (Wiman), Sulevorthis lyckholmiensis (Wysog6rski), Skenidioides oelandica (Wiman), and Ogmoplecia plicata (Wiman), and some dalmanellids (identified by Wiman as Orthis argentea Hisinger and O.
106, in the previous paragraph to the description of Platystrophia), deliberately based his definition of the genus on specimens of Orthis biforata "sensu" Davidson, 1848.