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n.1.(Zool.) An orthoceras; also, any fossil shell allied to Orthoceras.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Lower--Middle Ordovician succession in much of Sweden is characterized by the so-called orthoceratite limestone, a stratigraphically condensed suite of rocks that encompasses a range of similar looking cool-water limestones (see Lindskog & Eriksson 2017 and references therein).
Lanna A hosts the youngest strata of the local succession (at [A.sub.1]), and in total ca 8 m of Volkhovian--Kundan 'orthoceratite limestone' strata are available above water level.
* an Orthoceratite in black marble, Duke of D, [pounds sterling]2, 7 Feb.
The "Orthoceratite" is probably the unlabeled 26 X 11-cm cut and polished slab that we found with Georgiana's collection showing an Orthocerus section some 20 cm long in black limestone.
2010) until a complete MDICE was documented from the 'orthoceratite limestone' succession on northeastern Oland (Calner et al.
Striking similarities in lithologies and conodont faunas between the Ordovician Pagoda Limestone of the Yangtze Block in China and the Orthoceratite Limestone in Baltica (Lindstrom et al.
The Kundan Orthoceratite limestone has about 5 cm thick beds separated by leaf-thin clayey lamina.
Telephina bicuspis is the most common species of Telephina from geschiebe of the Upper Grey Orthoceratite Limestone, which belong to the Lasnamagi Stage ([C.sub.I]b) (Schroeteri-Kalk, Rudolph 1997, p.