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Noun1.Orthodox Jew - Jew who practices strict observance of Mosaic lawOrthodox Jew - Jew who practices strict observance of Mosaic law
Jewish Orthodoxy, Orthodox Judaism - Jews who strictly observe the Mosaic law as interpreted in the Talmud
Jew, Hebrew, Israelite - a person belonging to the worldwide group claiming descent from Jacob (or converted to it) and connected by cultural or religious ties
Chasid, Chassid, Hasid, Hassid - a member of a Jewish sect that observes a form of strict Orthodox Judaism
Lubavitcher - a member of the Lubavitch movement; a follower of Chabad Hasidism
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When was the last time you read about an Evangelical Christian American farmer, young Republican, believing Mormon or Orthodox Jew taking out his 9mm MMP and murdering a kid in a drive-by shooting over a drug deal?
At the beginning of the movie, Naomi is a nine year old Orthodox Jew who is setting world records for, of all things, power lifting.
The man, an Orthodox Jew, covered himself in a plastic bag to avoid falling foul of ancient religious rules that forbid him to fly over cemeteries.
Michael Dembrow, Democrat of Portland, who grew up as an Orthodox Jew, told The Oregonian, "This unjust practice violates our core sense of civil rights and civil liberties."
Having spent my youth in Orthodox surroundings, I have chosen not to be an Orthodox Jew. But I have not chosen to lose my association with being Jewish.
Interestingly enough, Rosenzweig used the example of inter-Jewish enmity to make this point--whereby the Jew who says Judaism is about covenant and not law demonizes the 'orthodox Jew' who says it's about 'law and not spirituality' and the two decidedly excise the positive feature of the other from their own proclamation.
Manchester-based Orthodox Jew Rabbi Ahron Cohen provoked anger with his appearance at the two-day meeting which questions whether the systematic killing of six million Jews took place.
In between he was a psychedelic prophet, a born-again Christian, and an Orthodox Jew. He's been published in poetry anthologies and nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature.
As with any minority group, there are circumstances when it may be beneficial or time-saving for the Orthodox Jew simply to engage a counselor or therapist who shares similar religious beliefs and cultural values (Simmons, 2001), yet there are few available (Bilu & Witztum, 1993).
What It Means to be an Orthodox Jew: a discussion on understanding other faiths, 3pm Thursday County Hall.
He phones to check that he can get a Kosher meal on the plane--a permanent battle for an Orthodox Jew.
He is a close friend of Rabbi Daniel Lapin, a controversial Orthodox Jew who is influential among evangelical Christians and is the author of Thou Shalt Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money.