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(word root) straight
Examples of words with the root ortho-: orthodontia
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[From ortho-.]
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(ˈɔr θoʊ)

pertaining to or occupying two adjacent positions in the benzene ring. Compare meta, para 2.
[1875–80; independent use of ortho-]


1. a combining form meaning “straight,” “upright,” “right,” “correct”: orthodontics; orthopedic.
a. a combining form used in the name of the most hydrated acid in a given series: orthoboric acid. Compare meta- (def. 2a), pyro- (def. 2a).
b. a combining form used in the names of benzene derivatives in which the substituting group occupies the ortho position in the benzene ring.
Also, esp. before a vowel, orth-.
[< Greek, comb. form of orthós straight, upright, correct]
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MED-TECH company Orthos has launched a bone substitute after receiving a funding boost to back its skeletal injury product development.
The new Rembe Q:Box II flameless explosion venting system for indoor and outdoor applications available in the UK from Orthos combines enhanced safety with cost-savings and greater plant layout flexibility with easy installation directly on to a flat surface.
Bed maker company Hypnos has launched the Orthos Support range of mattresses, such as the one above, which offer three levels of firmness to choose from.
A Lindor mixer from Orthos has been installed at a Dutch cheese culture manufacturer, solving a tricky problem.
Ortho-bionomy--from the Greek words orthos (straight), bios (life) and nomos (law)--was founded by Arthur Lincoln Pauls, a British osteopathic physician.
A new highly effective combination of both ultrasonic and air mesh-cleaning techniques introduced for Allgaier reciprocating tumbler screens in ultra-fine screening applications, available in the UK from Orthos, overcomes the mesh blinding problems of traditional machines while substantially increasing target size yields and throughput.
A newsletter named Orthos in Action has been published which is part of the company's 50 year celebrations of supplying machinery from the world's leading manufacturers.
Better mixing of its fruit smoothies and yoghurt based drinks in shorter time and with less foam formation in the finished batch is a snapshot of the advantages that the company Pete & Johnny has described for retrofitting two 'Visco Jet' mixers from Orthos into existing tanks at their plant in Newark, Notts.
Orthos has taken on a new UK distributorship for absorption dehumidification systems from Kathabar Systems Europe, keeping air in manufacturing operations at a constant, precise humidity and temperature regardless of weather or load variations.
Developed to nearly double the previous design limit of 14,000 litres volume for the fast-acting 'gentle touch' mixing technique of Lindor mixers, available in the UK from Orthos, this new mega-mixer weighs nearly 20 tons.