orthostatic hypotension

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Noun1.orthostatic hypotension - low blood pressure occurring in some people when they stand up
hypotension - abnormally low blood pressure
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Titration of MAOIs should be based on tolerability; orthostasis is the primary dose-limiting adverse effect associated with rapid titration or higher dosages.
Rather, the issues of uncontrolled postoperative nausea, orthostasis, and pain control were the biggest reasons for delayed discharge from the fast track pathway and for emergency room visits in the first few weeks after same day TJA surgery.
Further, the suffering due to the stress of the people, in particular the working community, in India, obviously causes majority number of people suffering from hypertension, orthostasis and vascular diseases.
23) An aerobic exercise regimen of walking or stair climbing 30 to 45 minutes/day 3 days/week for 6 months was shown to eliminate symptoms of orthostasis on tilt table testing in elderly patients with cardiac deconditioning, as opposed to chronic autonomic failure.
1 mg daily, midodrine 10 mg three times a day (TID), and sodium chloride 2 grams TID due to his symptomatic orthostasis.
The accuracy of inter-beat interval recognition derived from modern Polar HRMs compares well to the gold-standard ECG criterion methods at rest (33,65,106) and during orthostasis (33,65).
In addition to the previously mentioned sedation and orthostasis, typical antipsychotics are much more likely to cause elevated prolactin levels and extrapyramidal side effects.
Patients should be advised to take high sodium diet after starting alpha blockage as catecholamine can cause volume contraction and a-adrenergic blockade may be associated with orthostasis.
Effects of midodrine hydrochloride on blood pressure and cerebral blood flow during orthostasis in persons with chronic tetraplegia.
Various mechanisms like orthostasis, variations in GFR, blood pressure and serum albumin concentration explain the diurnal variations in albuminuria.
To promote early orthostasis and to improve breathing, we planned fusion surgery without decompression for the T12 vertebral dislocation fracture because the patient seemed to be neurologically intact.