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 (ôrt′lər) also Ort·les (-lās)
A mountain of the Alps in northern Italy rising to 3,905 m (12,812 ft). The Ortler was the highest point in Austria until 1919, when the South Tyrol was ceded to Italy.


(Italian ˈɔrtles)
pl n
(Placename) a range of the Alps in N Italy. Highest peak: 3899 m (12 792 ft). Also called: Ortler


(ˈɔrt leɪs)

1. a range of the Alps in N Italy.
2. the highest peak of this range. 12,802 ft. (3902 m).
German, Ort•ler (ˈɔrt lər)
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Ortles in northern Italy and described their early findings at the annual American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco, Calif.
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