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Noun1.Oruvail - nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (trade names Orudis or Orudis KT or Oruvail)
nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, NSAID - an anti-inflammatory drug that does not contain steroids; "NSAIDs inhibit the activity of both Cox-1 and Cox-2 enzymes"
propanoic acid, propionic acid - a liquid fatty acid found in milk and sweat and in fuel distillates
brand, brand name, marque, trade name - a name given to a product or service
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Brands Serviced: Cordarone, Synvisc, Oruvail, FluShield, Boehringer Mannheim Pharmaceuticals, Lidak Pharmaceuticals, Scandipharm, Wallace Laboratories
Worldwide pharmaceutical sales increased 3% for the 1998 third quarter and 4% for the first nine months due primarily to higher sales of Premarin products, Effexor, Synvisc (introduced in the 1997 fourth quarter), Neumega (introduced in the 1997 fourth quarter), Ziac, BeneFix and generic pharmaceuticals offset, in part, by the voluntary market withdrawal of the Company's antiobesity products in the 1997 third quarter and Duract in the 1998 second quarter, and lower sales of Oruvail and biologicals.
pharmaceutical sales increased 13% for the 1997 first quarter due to sales of Redux and Naprelan (both products were introduced in the 1996 second quarter) and higher sales of Lodine, Ziac, Oruvail, Premarin products and recombinant Factor VIII offset, in part, by lower sales of oral contraceptives and other cardiovascular and pharmaceutical products.