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 (ôr′wĕl′, -wəl), George Pen name of Eric Arthur Blair. 1903-1950.
British writer whose books attack totalitarianism and reflect his concern with social justice. His works include the novels Animal Farm (1945) and 1984 (1949) and the essay collection Shooting an Elephant (1950).


(ˈɔːwəl; -wɛl)
(Biography) George, real name Eric Arthur Blair. 1903–50, English novelist and essayist, born in India. He is notable for his social criticism, as in The Road to Wigan Pier (1932); his account of his experiences of the Spanish Civil War Homage to Catalonia (1938); and his satirical novels Animal Farm (1945), an allegory on the Russian Revolution, and 1984 (1949), in which he depicts an authoritarian state of the future
Orwellian adj


(ˈɔr wɛl, -wəl)

George (Eric Arthur Blair), 1903–50, English novelist and essayist.
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Noun1.Orwell - imaginative British writer concerned with social justice (1903-1950)
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yes, ye would not credit it to look at him, or to hearken to his soft voice, but from the sailing from Orwell down to the foray to Paris, and that is clear twenty years, there was not a skirmish, onfall, sally, bushment, escalado or battle, but Sir Nigel was in the heart of it.
And yet it is often unknown to these same conservatives that Orwell was himself a socialist
Young people should be encouraged to read Orwell because he teaches us to think, to write down our thoughts as individuals and not be afraid to express ourselves," he told TES.
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The Orwell political writing award was created to honour the book that the judges feel is closest to Orwell's own ambition of making political writing an art.
The house where Orwell was born as Eric Arthur Blair in 1903 when his father worked under the British Raj lay in ruins for decades with pigs and dogs roaming around before the state government woke up to the need to preserve and renovate it as a historical monument on the lines of the birthplaces of William Shakespeare and Leo Tolstoy in England and Russia, respectively.
Steve Lynch, Managing Director, Orwell International, commented: "The Baby and Mega Jaws glass bottle crushers, invented and manufactured in Ireland, generate significant immediate self financing cost benefits to the hospitality industry introducing increased staff efficiencies and substantial waste disposal cost savings.
Naval architecture and offshore engineering services firm Orwell Offshore will provide the external turret and mooring system, while FES International will supply the fluid transfer system, swivel stack and mechanical components.
FES will provide the fluid transfer system for the turret, which will be built by Orwell.
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