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Plural of os3.
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Criss admitted that when he arrived at Osan Air Base that morning at about 10 a.
Although they accept that Ahmad has not used a specified crossing, Osan said: "Just because someone is not on a pedestrian crossing, it does not give anyone the right to run you over.
The joint venture will handle receipt, storage, testing and issuing of bulk fuel products at Andersen, Kadena, Misawa, and Osan air bases.
Day three in theater, and what better way to break in my fresh new credit card than on an Osan RON (remain overnight).
El explica con pormenorizada informacion las angustias que muy pocos osan confesar.
Liberty 602 was on a routine out and in to Osan Air Base, Korea.
Lewis, 51st Transportation Squadron, Osan Air Base, Korea--Consistently maintained a 99.
He was taken to a hospital at a US base at Osan, near the capital Seoul, and treated for minor injuries.
Under the new contract, Cubic's MILES is scheduled for delivery in summer 2003 to Kunsan Air Base in Korea; Kadena, Misawa, Osan and Yokota Air Bases in Japan; Anderson Air Force Base in Guam; and Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany.
In addition to Saudi Arabia, he saw overseas duty in Tegucigalpa, Honduras (1984) and Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea (1988).
At least I did my part for Air Force vegetarians at Osan Air Base.
Editor's Note: Complete figures show that a total of 53 Americans were KIA and 40 POWs later died from the action at Osan.