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Noun1.John Osborne - English playwright (1929-1994)
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Given the PS9m of taxpayers' money spent on Government propaganda for the Remain cause, the dire threats of 'the Establishment' from Messrs Cameron, Osborne, John Major, Mandelson, Blair, Campbell et al, and the doom-monger scenarios economically from household-name organisations, it is indeed a miracle that the Leavers won with such a huge vote.
The reason I am voting to get out of Europe is because of the people who say we should stay - David Cameron, George Osborne, John Major, Jeremy Corbyn, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.
The 2012 FocusBARRY team, from left, Jonathan Osborne, John Donovan, Dave Green, Jeff Heathfield, Gill Davis, Dennis Harkus and Karen Gallimore
I've got 60 MPs signed up, and I've had warm letters from George Osborne, John Major, David Davis and Charles Kennedy.