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Noun1.Oscar Wilde - Irish writer and wit (1854-1900)Oscar Wilde - Irish writer and wit (1854-1900)  
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He knew Pater and Oscar Wilde, and he knows Mallarme and all those fellows.
Oscar Wilde, one of the lords of language of the nineteenth century of the Christian Era.
In the preface of his 1891 novel, Oscar Wilde writes "diversity of opinion about a work of art shows that the work is new, complex and vital".
To lose one parent may |be regarded as a misfortune, Mr Worthing, to lose both looks like carelessness" - Lady Bracknell in The Importance Of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde.
e Trials of Oscar Wilde is a play written by his grandson, Merlin Holland, the sole executor of his estate and author of e Real trials of Oscar Wilde.
The novel begins with Oscar Wilde, having fled England because of his disgrace, sitting at a cafe in Dieppe where he is confronted by a stranger who says he wishes to write a book about the murderers Wilde met in prison, and then flashes back to the author's experiences while jailed and vivid descriptions of how the prisons were run and the treatment of the prisoners in great detail.
We can certainly say that Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) was what could be called ''a character.
Griffith's also shows William Wilde, father of Oscar Wilde, living at Westland Row, Dublin, where the author was born in 1854.
The events of that day were recorded forever by the poet laureate John Betjeman in his outpouring, The Arrest of Oscar Wilde at the Cadogan Hotel.
Oscar Wilde might seem an unusual hero for a mystery.
historical OSCAR WILDE AND THE DEAD MAN'S SMILE Giles Brandreth BRANDRETH is one of the most irritating people to have ever worn a woolly jumper on national television.
QUOTABLE author Oscar Wilde, along with rock star Kurt Cobain, Lord Byron, Picasso and Sir Walter Raleigh all shared a developmental disorder which helped their talents to flourish, it was claimed.